FM (Frequency Modulation)

// Published October 27, 2016 by Tyler

FM! Who doesn’t know this word? We all do Official ™. But do we know the invention behind it and the technical part? Not most of us know about it.

Here it is: FM was first invented by Edwin Armstrong in 1933. It is also a radio wave. These are successors of AM. They modify the frequency of the waves to give a clear sound and quality message. These waves are always on very high bandwidth and hence also termed as VHF radio. This was the start of digitalization.

These radios systems helped people to hear from various channels about different aspects. Speeches from politicians, tennis commentary, baseball game, weather forecast, etc. communication improved in far off places. There were many channels to tune into.

Even today, we have wide variety of options on FM channels. Because of the wider bandwidth, FM mostly is used for music signals. They render premium sound quality n clarity, making it world famous.

Next time you tune to FM, be thankful for those great personalities who helped our lives.