Bags with a difference – Bags made ethically

Not everyone can afford a Prada or a Louis Vuitton, in fact not everyone wants to own a branded bag. There are several individuals who feel very strongly against using leather as an accessory of any kind – be it a handbag, a belt, wallet or even footwear. Aiming for a better world, they prefer using eco-friendly materials for all their needs. Does that mean they are left to carry dowdy and drab looking handbags?

Definitely not; thanks to several organizations like Brand Fair that think on similar lines, today there are classy, elegant and unique bags made from fabric, polyurethane, canvas, paper, cork and even recycled rubber tires that cater to the segment of population who are against leather for personal reasons.

Here is brief look at some of the ethically made eco-friendly bags made exclusively by hand for conscientious individuals who are striving to make a difference in the choices they make, starting from the handbags that they use.
Uashmama bag: A line of bags which produces durable paper bags, not your use and throw kinds but actual handbags which can be used on a daily basis and can be washed too.These bags are handmade in Tuscany from paper obtained through cultivation.

Aura Que: This fashion line manufactures banana yarn bags and woven cotton fabric bags. These bags are handmade by people in Nepal from the banana yarn fiber obtained from the outer layers of the banana tree and spun into yarns which are used to weave bags. The Nepalese women weave several interesting geometric patterns into cotton fabric which is then sewn into handbags.

Osei-Duro: This is a LA-based ethical brand which sells bags handmade in Ghana by the local artisans there using their traditional techniques and crafts.

It is possible to have an ethical wardrobe that is gorgeous and functional and doesn’t compromise on your values. You need to know where to look!